The CORE Gathering

What is the Gathering?

The Gathering is a meeting with believers from various churches and denominations that gather to be refreshed in the presence of God and inspired to move out on mission. We recognize that prophetically we are in a critical time in this nation and in the earth. We firmly believe we were put on the earth for such a time as this. It is time for His Bride to rise as disciples of the True and Living God and make disciples. This is a gathering of Believers who are ready to shake the earth for His glory. We are Christians who believe God chooses to use us, move through us and subdue the enemy before us. We will make Him known in the fullness of His love, authority and “dunamis” power. We recognize that as the Church, we have been called, gifted and commissioned to co-labor with Holy Spirit to evangelize the lost, mature the saved and release everyone to do the work of the ministry. We believe there are two primary areas for believers to be effective in ministry – where we are (and where we are going. Where we are – In our daily lives, we encounter unsaved and/or hurting people on a routine basis. Our belief is that every believer should be fully equipped to minister effectively in their normal walks of life. Whether on the job, in a store or at home, we should be effective disciples of Jesus Christ. Where we are going – Two-thirds of God’s name is “go.” Our desire is for every believer to be trained and equipped to do ministry outside of their normal sphere, especially going to the nations. As true disciples, we should be continually reaching beyond ourselves to effectively change, enhance and influence the life and lifestyles of others.

We Gather for:

• Relationship and Fellowship

• Prophetic Illumination and Revelation

• Discipleship

• Commissioning to Serve

• Prayer, Worship and Exhortation

• Reporting of God’s Exploits

If you are hungry for a return to the beautiful simplicity of the power-packed Gospel of Jesus Christ, with Him at the center, the gathering is for you.

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